The best icon pack that suit your needs

Do not waste your time to find the right icons, senja icon packs will cover your need and make your products more awesome.

6.5k+ Perfect Icons
29 Categories
5 Different Styles
Well Organized

Very well made with perfection

All icons are designed to precision on a grid system which ensures consistency and that sharpest display. We use a 25px Grid system to make sure our icon doesn’t get blur.

Ready to use.
Perfect for anything.

You can use our icon for digital product or printable product. So you don’t have to worry that you can’t use senja icon pack for anything because our icon is very well made.

Multiple icon format. Perfect for your project.

We started from Sketch and converted it to all popular platforms. 6 different format for full flexibility that will cover your project needs.

IconJar support.

Browsing on 6500+ icons is no longer a pain with IconJar, just need a bit clicks to find icons.

Webfont ready

Our icons are ready to use on your website project with web font support.

1Prepare the CSS files

Copy the CSS file into your project. We’ve prepared a cheat sheet that contains class name for the individual icon.

2Copy the fonts directory

The fonts directory is containing the latest font files. This includes SVG, TTF, EOT, and WOFF.

3Use the icon

Simply use <i> to call out the icon and use the class name that we’ve provided in the cheat sheet.

<i class="senja-{style}-iconspace_{iconName}_25px"></i>
<i class="senja-fm-iconspace_Wallet_25px"></i> <i class="senja-fm-iconspace_Modern-Ship_25px"></i>

Preview all icons

You will get 1306 icons with 5 styles, that is 6530 icons in total. This preview is using 25px in the real size.

Choose your plan

We provide 3 different types of license for Senja icon pack. Please read carefully about our license.

$39 .00


Best for Individuals

  • Unlimited usage for personal project
  • 1 commercial project use
  • Free lifetime updates
$40 .00


Best for small team

  • Unlimited usage for personal project
  • 3 commercial projects usage
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Can be included on one product for sale in marketplace (up to 100 sales)
$44 .00


Best for Agency and Products

  • Unlimited usage for personal project
  • Unlimited commercial projects usage
  • Unlimited usage for marketplace product
  • Free lifetime updates