4 Key Aspect to Create an Amazing Icons

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Hello Space Explorer! New article is up.! In this article, we will studying about icon, and what aspects have to be considered in designing an icon. you just read the article below!

Icon? what is it like and what’s the point?

In our daily basis, we often see what we called it as Icon. It’s almost in every electronics we have, also in traffic signs on roadsides, to point the restaurants, hospitals, gas stations, buildings, and everywhere.

So, what is Icon and what is the utility? Icon is a small graphic representation from a sign or a direct instruction that shows the information of its own object. then it’s enough to use a sign or form without describing an instruction. Hence, its function becomes necessary and it eases users to get the information.

What is the first step to do?

  • Always start from a blank paper

Prepare a paper and a pencil to put the idea of creating new icons. Then, the first step is starting to make a rough sketch of the icon basic shape. We should know what icon theme we’re going to make, what is the function, and where is it placed. Then we can go with designing the icon structure, is it a circle (radius corner) or a square (pointed corner) we think it’s fitted. This is necessary because it will make the whole icons have a similar style and characteristic.

Once we get the icon sketches is done, then we can make it in a digital version with design software.


  • And then let’s digitalized

Digitalizing is a step of transforming the rough sketch into a digital version with design software such as adobe illustrator, sketch app, or other design software. In this step, we should specify the size, thickness, the radius at each end of the corner, and also the color.


Other aspects we should notice in creating an icon :

The 4 Key Aspects

In creating icons, there are things we should notice to make the icons function and help people to understand the meaning easily. The function is to simplify information or instruction into an icon. Here are the 4 aspects that usually affect the icons quality.

1. Scalability

In making icons, size is important. Icons size must be fittable to many places, colors, and the size can be adjusted. You can make sure your icon is seen in either in dark or bright backgrounds. In digital design, icon usually created in small sizes as 18px, 24px, 48px, 64px, and others.


2. Recognisability

The ability to recognize icons becomes important because it has information and instruction. In some cases, we start from specifying the design is it a detailed icon or a simple one. In general, people only need 3-5 secs to understand the icons, if it was more, so the icons should be redesigned.


3. Consistency

When we create an icon set that consists of many icons, we should think about consistency of the size, type, and also the thickness, color, etc. because, consistency builds the harmony of each icon. If everything is consistent with each other, the harmony of the icons becomes an aesthetics value in icon design we made.


4. Uniqueness

This aspect determines how are the icons results. There are so many icon shapes, types, and uniqueness in each set. Uniqueness will increase user impressions and affects users to use it, and indirectly increase the icon selling.

But this is also a challenge for the icon designers in creating and designing icons. Because we are expected to give uniqueness in icon design that doesn’t disturb the function itself and avoiding to make icons that will confuse users.

The main function of uniqueness in creating icons is to distinguish an icon to each other. With uniqueness, designers give a value of icons that has existed vary.



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