Highly Flexible Icons

Here it is, Kerja icon pack with a unique style with 4 different color styles: solid black & line color. You can easily use the icon as your need, for active/inactive states etc. Every unique style serves a purpose to perfectly fit with your design.

What is this Icon for?

Kerja would easily fit any design matters, mostly for digital design support. For example bottom navigation for an app, Supportive Icon used in a form, the Main icon for thumbnail menu, Product detail explanation in the website, Main features explanation, Dashboard navigation menu for a web app. Also could be used in any presentation and other graphic design needs.

What Categories inside?

  • Business
  • Finance
  • 475+ icons in 2 Categories
  • 100% Color customizable
  • Unique style fo every need
  • 100% Vector & Customizable
  • suitable for website and mobile apps
File size 17.77 MB
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